-Frequently Asked Questions-


1.   Does AGA have programs for beginners?

Yes we do,  we have practices specifically for new wrestlers that want to learn fundamentals the right way!

We offer practice sessions for 3 different age groups- 4-6 yrs, 7-12 yrs, and MS & HS ages.  This allows us to have smaller groups and present developmentally appropriate training.

 Check out our schedule HERE .

2.   Does AGA have a competition team?

AGA competes regularly, year round (less so in the fall months) for those athletes that want to continue their competition experience. Our focus works towards late spring and Regional and National championships

3.  We belong to a local SWA club, how does that work with AGA?

 We fully support the local wrestling community, and have seasonal pricing structures for athletes that plan to go back to their clubs in the winter.  Some athletes have chosen to make AGA their full-time home, and they will represent AGA at SWA tournaments.

4.  Does AGA support Nevada Wrestling?  

AGA registers it's athletes as Team Nevada at large regional and national events where state representation is important.  Western States Regionals,  Kids Nationals, Folkstyle Nationals, Fargo Nationals, and similar events are examples of events we will register as Team Nevada.

5.  How is AGA sanctioned?

AGA is a registered, chartered USA Wrestling club, and as such, athletes must have an up to date USA Wrestling athlete card.  USAW memberships - https://www.usawmembership.com/

6.  How much does it cost, what's the schedule, how do I sign up?  

Please click HERE to go to  our scheduling/registration page, which will take you to our registration site with all the details.  When registering, please register yourself (parent or legal guardian) and then register your athlete as an "additional family member".

7.  How will my athlete be trained?

AGA focuses heavily on technique in a systematic, planned approach that  develops sequenced movements and flow.  We accomplish this through drilling at an increasing pace through understanding of the technique.  As the athlete develops this understanding, they can move on to more intense training and sparring.

Our athletes develop mental and physical toughness through consistent repetition, so their bodies are conditioned to the rigors of wrestling and their minds are clear and focused due to movements being trained so thoroughly that they become second nature.

8.  How does the Strength & Conditioning programming work?

AGA's programming is designed following the guidelines of nationally recognized training programs like EXOS & USA Weightlifting .  Our programming is designed to develop functional movement & mobility first, then expanding the athletes' fitness goals.  We focus on the following areas - Strength and Power, cardiovascular endurance, agility, speed, accuracy, mobility, and flexibility.  We work with and assess each athlete individually to develop them within their physiology.

Our programming is detailed, organized, and measurable.  We work in cycles, usually planned for a specific event.  

9.   Can my athlete get additional, private training?

We offer private lessons at affordable rates, please ask a coach for details

10.  Does AGA hold clinics and seminars?

AGA regularly hosts clinicians from around the country.   Check back to our News page for info!

AGA will also host  clinics for clubs and schools that want support developing wrestling and programming.